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Welcome to Nas Salon & Spa –
a place for relaxation and beauty


With this high speed life, stress of job and unnatural working hours, we believe everyone deserves a customized massage or facial, so we make your relaxation and comfort our priority.


You are beautiful and  different. Therefore, Nas will help you bring out your individuality and natural beauty.


YUMI™ LASHES (from France) Lash enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world. This European technique is designed to lengthen, darken, curl and lift the natural eyelash leaving you with fuller, darker, and longer lashes.


 Yumi Feet’s De Si Jolis Pieds treatment is designed to get rid of calluses in just 15 minutes. This product deliver immediate results and 100% developed and made in France.

About Us

Nas Salon & Spa is one of the most highly rated Salon & Spa in Wrigleyville, Chicago. We are highly rated for a reason, we listen to our customers and understand their needs because no one is the same.

What our customers say about us

I just love this place! It’s so cute in there and everything is so CLEAN!!! Plus you can text them to set up an appointment, like how awesome is that! I feel like they’re a hidden gem because they’re never that busy when I go. But they should be because they’re amazing! They don’t do acrylics but do these European gel nails and they’re awesome! I totally recommend this salon.


Michelle P.

I found this gem of a spot after moving to Wrigleyville. Everyone here has done a consistently excellent job–I had them do my nails for engagement photos and later brought my bridesmaids here to have our nails done for my wedding, and I have never been disappointed. They take their time and the atmosphere is great–no TVs and it is really relaxing. I recently have moved to a new neighborhood but I still come back here to get my nails done. Great place!

Caroline D.