Review from Andi V.
"I really can't oversell this place. The staff is very nice and incredibly good at their jobs. They remember me every time and make a point of seeing how I'm doing and it feels like I'm hanging out with friends. The facility is clean and tastefully decorated and is mixture of classy and homey. I have done their no-chip manicures the last 4/5 months. Their no-chip manicures last for a full month. They are just so incredibly solid. The only time that they chip is when my nails get too long and break. The one time that I went to another place, it was peeling off within two weeks. I learned my lesson, I'll never go anyplace else. I get compliments on my manicures all the time and I always tell them with great enthusiasm to come here. It's honestly fantastic and one of my favorite monthly routines is coming in and picking out my monthly color with lots of friendly banter with the staff."

Review from Sarah M.
Updated - 2/29/2012
"update!  i'm 10 days deep on my mani/pedi from nas.  unfortunately for my nails (and my bf) it's been a particularly crafty week, and hot glue, dish water, felt and planting soil have been de rigueur.   and holy balls, have they held up!  the pedi looks like it was done yesterday, and i only have one little chip on one little nail of the manicure.  nas has just jumped to my number one choice for nail services!"
2/21/2012 "i came here last night for a mani-pedi combo and had a great experience!  i was greeted by name upon entering this very serene space.  my coat was taken and i was led immediately to a waiting pedi chair.  i chose my colors (which btw they just got in a large new spring line- the selection is fantastic!), and the gentleman went to work on my feet, that have been embarrassingly neglected the last few months.  i was then shown a drink menu of all the complimentary beverages that are offered to clients- i glanced through and saw peppermint tea and few others, but settled for water since i was a bit dehydrated. the mani and pedi were done methodically and with care- i definitely wasn't rushed through even though i was one of the last appointments of the day.  quality services, customer satisfaction, and cleanliness all seem to be top priorities here, and i thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  i will definitely be coming back!"

Review from Jen D.
I went here last week for the first time after being a past regular at Pinky's (Southport) and TG Nails (Southport).
 I'd left the other 2 nail salons because of cleanliness concerns and manicure "lastability" (yes, not a real word). Lena did my standard manicure at Nas and it has stood the test of time! 5 days into the manicure only 1 nail has shown some wear at the tip. Take that Pinky's! The salon is clean, relatively quiet. Yes, I missed the shoulder massage and TV - but I would much rather have a great nail service.  Prices are competitive and tools are clean, files do not appear to be reused (file replacement is the law *I think*). Wish they were open on Sundays, but they aren't so I will live with it. They have all the new spring colors too which is awesome.

Review from Vanessa V.
Best nail experience EVER. Got the greatest manicure in my life from Jenny and was welcomed by David. Felt right at home, especially with my complimentary wine and my super sweet nail tech Jenny. Quickly: was in the neighborhood & did a Groupon Now! search, clicked on purchase for a deluxe manicure, called Nas, David answered & welcomed me by. For some reason, Groupon did not go through (bad phone connection) so I called David & he said, no worries, I will honor that price regardless. Wow! Now that's an honest-to-goodness business! Throughout my manicure, clients walked in and called David and the other employees by name. It is really nice to know that businesses still exist on this planet where you can call someone by their actual first name! So I had the most professional, precise and pleasant manicure I have ever had. For the special $15 price!!! The OPI colors were plentiful and up-to-date/season. My nails are shiny and cute. I have received many compliments. To top it off, the deluxe manicure included not 1, but THREE dips in the hot wax for hands, a shoulder/neck massage, and the best hand massage to date. You must go here. It's a small place, a real hidden gem, so I recommend calling in advance. Believe me, you will love it! But don't tell too many people, LOL- because it will quickly become too busy.  Great job, NAS!

Review from Amy J.
Yes staff was nice and the actual experience was fine. Though I did go with an old friend and had a lot of catching up to do. Otherwise if I went by myself my perspective may have been different as the ladies seemed mute. In terms of quality they fall short. My friend had a no chip french mani and she didn't like how thick the tips were. The lady redid them but they were still thick. I had a regular mani and when I got home I could tell they were not going to last long. It lasted only 2 days before chipping. Note I did nothing for this to happen; no cooking, no cleaning, no work, nothing, and still freakin chipped. Very disappointed other regular manis I've had last about 2 weeks on average.

Review from Stephanie L.
HUZZAH!!!  YEASSSSS Ma'am........ A great new nail salon and spa that I kind of stumbled across Its modern, its sleek, its refreshing... SO went here for a no chip mani....well let me tell you, Nas has about 50-60 no chip joke...I was like all of these???  HAHA.  I am used to about a choice of 10...nope, not here.  Wow, I was impressed.  The staff was so sweet and totally helped me pick a color because I was totally overwhelmed. The stations were clean and modern.  Not to mention, they use sterilized equipment that they re-sterilize after EACH use and throw away the buffers, etc that cannot be sterilized.  Yep, its true...they use even a different set for your toes-ies and fingies....nice.  I like that.  I know its clean...they have them all wrapped in sterilized they have in the hospital for surgical equipment...I like getting a clean mani. The actual mani was great.  Also, they give you a little massage after...which most places have thrown by the waste side with the new no chips. They also offer a variety of, tea and sangria.  A nice touch. The staff is super professional and nice.  There was no "side conversations" going on between employees, which happens so frequently at these places. If you are interested in checking it out, email me....I have a coupon for 50% off a classic manicure or $7.50 off other nails services.  I can email you for a little bit of a discount to check out a new place that is looking to please!

Review from Candice R.
I'm torn on this review. On one hand, I love their no-chip, the free green tea, the ambiance and the staff. In the other, the pedicure I got had the most half-assed exfoliation I've ever had. I was literally two light swipes on each area and on to the next step. NO people, not the way to exfoliate. In truth, I'm not sure I have the right to complain, as it was a tack on to my no-chip and only a $20 pedicure. I wonder if for an extra $5, could I get a special pedi meant to exfoliate? I do love their manis, and will keep coming back because it's the best I've found so far. Hopefully my next pedi will be more thourough.

Review from Robyn T.
If I lived closer I'd come to Nas all the time. It's very clean (I love when you can see someone cleaning after you've just had a pedicure), the staff is super friendly (yes the staff here all speaks English - the ladies were originally from Vietnam and were recommending their favorite restaurants in the city), and they do a wonderful job. The kicker? $38 for a mani-pedi! To beat that, my nails STILL look great some 9 days after my visit - that's pretty darn impressive! I want to echo that the staff is all warm and inviting - not something you get all the time in Chicago nail salons. They have a menu of complimentary drinks (coffees and teas) and they really want to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Review from Martha T.
WHY haven't I heard of no-chip manicures? WHY does this place serve chocolate, tea, beer AND wine? WHY are ALL the workers down to earth? WHY am I sooo...... ..... .......  FABULOUS? Hmmm... I need to stop asking "WHY" and accept life mysteries. It was a Sunday afternoon, and my girlfriends and I stumbled upon this great place after the Cubs game. All four of us walked in and decided on the NO CHIP MANICURE.  [see pics] Best part about the NO CHIP MANICURE??? Once you are done, you don't have to wait for your nails to dry and it last about 3 weeks!!!! $$ Cha Ching $$ After a glass of Merlot, I felt a little fancy and decided to opted for an eye brow wax. Let me tell you, Annie, made sure to correct and gave me some advice on taming those two 'bad boys.' Needless to say, I came out of NAS feeling fabulous..... wait .....  did I say that already?   Thank you Annie, Bubbles, Lena and David for your great customer service. My girlfriends and I will definitely return.

Review from Mary T.
i went on long enough without getting my nails done and desperately needed some good pampering. Now i walked passed this cute little salon that caught my eye and of course i had to try em out. I was greeted by not just the receptionist but EVERYONE! awww everyone is soo sweet and nice! Everyone was very accommodated and i swear i felt like a little princess. haha! massage chair - 5 stars ....great for my tense back from a hard day of work. hot soothing green tea- 5 stars...awesome! especially when its cold out. no chip manicures -10 stars!.....good for me cause im a hairdresser and i constantly have my hands in water! it's been a almost two weeks and theres no chips yet! regular nail polish would only last me a week. pedicure- 5 stars---very relaxing with a good conversation. Everyone can actually speak english so that eliminates the whole 'guess what my manicurist is saying' game. waxing- 5 stars.... bye bye unibrow and hello two beautiful arched brows which accentuates MY WHOLE FACE!!!! too all my make-up artists out there you know what i am talking about! Pricing- 5 stars as seen in the pictures this salon looks really nice and high end but the prices are wayyyyy affordable :) just my cup of tea!

Review from kelli d.
First time to a salon and now I have high expectations. this place is a must! I walked in after a cubs game and discovered no-chip manicure. I was overwhelmed with friendly and energetic staff that offered me a drink (tea or wine) to enjoy while getting my nails done. Great environment to sit back and relax while making new friends, best part is the staff will chat it up with the whole time.

Review from Kimberly G.
This is my first review but this salon certainly deserves it. I went here because I had a Lifebooker deal & loved it!  They served me a glass of wine while I was getting my mani/pedi.  Really nice staff & they did a great job on my nails -- I will definitely be going back here.  Great addition to the neighborhood!

Review from Mary D.
What a great addition to the neighborhood!! Nas is WONDERFUL!! I went in this weekend for a pedicure and walked out with new feet!! First, everyone at Nas is SO NICE - sweet, kind, funny - and just great energy. Second, free wine, coffee, tea or beer - hello relaxation! Nothing like unwinding from a long day with a glass of wine and a sweet manicurist! Third, my pedicure lasted an hour. She was incredibly thorough. Normally I'm in a hurry, but I really didn't want to leave. It took an hour because my feet were TRASHED. She got rid of all the dead skin (gross, I know!), really freshened up my feet and then gave me a foot and calf massage I won't soon forget! Fourth, they are OPEN SUNDAYS!! I can't wait to go back and get my no-chip done here. I love finding a good spot with good people. Trust me, you'll LOVE Nas!!

Review from Luciana B.
Bought a $25 mani-pedi deal through Lifebooker and I am glad I did. I had an amazing time at Nas! I came an hour after my original appointment time and they still made sure that I got my mani-pedi. And it was awesome. Very thorough and the technician was so friendly and sweet. Music was good. Offered me water or a magazine several times. Awesome service and I would totally pay full price for it - that's how good it was!

Review from Kelly I.
I booked mani and pedi appointments here for the day of my sister's bachelorette party for all the girls. This place rocked! The salon is new and very clean.  They served us wine, water and even a piece of chocolate. The most impressive of all was the customer service. I definitely recommend!

Review from Amanda A.
Great pedicure! Great service! Wine/ sangria/ chocolate during your pedicure = score! Found my new go to place for a pedicure!

Review from Bianca C.
I've been to Nas Salon twice now.
 First for a no-chip manicure, which was mediocre, and a lip wax.  Good prices, but not the greatest job. The second time I ran in for a lip wax two days before my engagement party.  Imagine, I got my hair done, nails nicely polished (somewhere else), and all I needed was a quick lip wax.  Since it was only $5, I decided to go to Nas.  Well today is the day after the wax, and I have a two inch long scab on my upper lip, where my skin was ripped off.  I have gotten about 40 lip waxes in my life, and I've NEVER had anyone rip my skin like this.  Obviously, I've been upset and embarrassed.  So, after debating, I decided to call and speak with the manager.  He didn't really seem to understand what I was trying to tell him.  He asked who did the wax, and gave the phone to the girl!!!! She barely offered an apology, after suggesting it could be from a face cream I used that made my skin sensitive, and told me to put Neosporin on it.  She said, she really didn't know what she could do for me.  I will NOT be going back there, and would not recommend a place that clearly isn't qualified to be doing certain salon services.

April 17, 2012: The Groupon Ultimate Manicure was a great deal-- I didn't expect such great service as well-- I will definitely return!!

April 15, 2012: Amazing job!! I'll definitely be back soon!

April 15, 2012: Classy place, professional staff, complimentary beverage during manicure!

April 1, 2012: Friendly, accommodating staff

April 1, 2012: They were nice and accommodating.

April 1, 2012: Keep up the great work! And keep the Groupons coming.

March 22, 2012: The best nail experience I ever had! Excited to return, thanks!

March 21, 2012: very relaxing space, top notch customer service.

March 21, 2012: employees are extremely friendly

March 21, 2012: The staff was very friendly and offer free beverages!

March 21, 2012: Excellent services! Customer service is top notch and the manicures last a long time!

March 21, 2012: Excellent service. Thank you!

March 21, 2012: Offer deals on no-chip

March 22, 2012: I was very pleased with my service, i upgraded my groupon to a no chip mani and i love it! Its been almost a week and my nails still look great!

March 21, 2012: Friendly customer service. Beautifully decorated salon. Services were good.

March 21, 2012: Recommended two friends who also raved about their experience

February 27, 2012: I get frequent mani/ pedis and unfortunately not all the salons provide quality service. I tried this salon on Valentine's day and I was pleasantly surprised. This was one of my best manis ever. Will come back.

February 22, 2012: Fantastic experience, will be back and will recommend to others! :)

February 22, 2012: Fantastic experience. Great customer service and atmosphere. Very relaxing. The complimentary tea on a cold day was a great surprise. And a great color selection with new colors always coming in. Very impressive overall. I visited while on a vacation and I wish I lived closer because I would keep coming back.

February 22, 2012: Everyone working at Nas was extremely friendly.

February 19, 2012 : Thank you for the careful attention. I really appreciated the time and care you took--the paraffin hand treatment and shoulder massage were really great additions to the manicure.

February 19, 2012: It was great!

No-Chip Spa Mani & Energize Pedi
Appointment Date: 01.27.2012
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

My experience at Nas overall was great. I thought the place was very clean, the atmosphere was nice, and the employees were very friendly. My pedicure was great. I loved all the extra things included in the mani and pedi like a mask and paraffin treatment. My only complaint was how long the entire process took. I've had many no chip manicures and pedicures before and never has it taken two hours. All in all my experience was great and I would go back but I'd have to clear my afternoon to allow for that amount of time.

Ultimate No-Chip Manicure
Appointment Date: 01.26.2012
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

This place was modern and the staff was friendly and welcoming! They did an excellent job on my no-chip mani and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had more colors available than I had ever seen at one salon just for the no-chip. I will definitely be going back!

Appointment Date: 08.18.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

Nas Salon & Spa along with their entire staff provide wonderful service. I arrived for my appointment and they were ready to start. The sat me down, started the chair and offered me a beverage (go for the Sangria). Didn't have to ask for or repeat anything twice. The person who did my mani/pedi took or time and worked well. It was a nice relaxing 1 hour 30 minutes. My toes and hands look wonderful. Thank you.

Appointment Date: 08.21.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

the place was clean and the service was amazing. Will definitely be going back!! Totally worth it!!!

Appointment Date: 08.21.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

I loved this salon! Very personal and I had a very relaxing mani/pedi. I have found my "go to" salon. A mani/pedi isn't too expensive without some sort of deal/discount.

Appointment Date: 08.22.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

I had an amazing time at Nas! I came an hour after my original appointment time and they till made sure that I got my mani-pedi. And it was awesome. Very thorough and the technician was so friendly and sweet. Music was good. Offered me water or a magazine several times. Awesome service and I would totally pay full price for it - that's how good it was!

Appointment Date: 08.26.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

I went to get a mani-pedi for the first time here and I LOVED it!!! The staff is so attentive and very helpful. I couldn't decide on a color and they helped me out. I felt very relaxed and sipped on some wine during my pedi, this was a great way to unwind from a long week. The staff is wonderful and very funny. I would recommend this place to anyone. Great service and my nails look amazing! They are perfectionist at what they do. I tend to get mani-pedi's once a month and this is the best place I've been to in a long time. Definitively going back!!!

Appointment Date: 08.30.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

Great Service, great conversation, great colors, awesome detail and very sterile. LOVED IT!

Appointment Date: 09.10.2011
This Reviewer's Rating: 5

Everyone was very welcoming and friendly at the salon. I enjoyed a great manicure and pedicure (as well as a complimentary glass of of sangria). I plan on returning soon!